Software you need

  • Python 2.5+
  • Subversion client
  • some standard Linux tools: make, grep, sed, getopt, dirname
  • zsh (the best shell ever)


Linux users

  • for Linux users it shouldn't be a problem to install the software above

Ubuntu/Debian? users

  • just run
    sudo aptitude install python subversion make grep sed util-linux coreutils zsh

Windows users

  • well, well, Windows users have two possibilities:
    • the Windows way: download and install python, a subversion client and an FTP client and do everything by hand, i.e make thousands of clicks on nice graphical user interfaces until you get to the same result as a Linux user with one command line
    • the Linux way: install an Linux environment (such as Cygwin) and the list of Linux tools mentioned above or better: a install Linux OS on your machine (strongly recommended)
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