DreamboxMessageServer (DMS)

The DreamboxMessageServer is a Tomcat application which allows you to send messages and questions via Internet to your Dreambox. The counterpart which has to be installed on your Dreambox is called DreamboxMessageClient.

If you send a message it appears as pop-up window on your TV for some seconds. If you want to ask the person in front of the TV something you can send him/her a question consisting of a text and possible answers. The TV user can reply by choosing one of your options.

To use the DreamboxMessageClient you don't have to setup your own DreamboxMessageSever?. You can also use our official server via the URL


svn co


  • checkout
    svn co

Send a message / question

  • TOTO:
  • go to and click on message or question, respectively
  • fill out the forms and press the send button
  • if you're going to send a question, your text has to be of the following form
    Blah blah blah, this is my first question?
    2nd line if needed
    - Yes, it is
    - No, it isn't
    - I'm not sure
    - I don't want to answer this question





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