DreamboxMessageClient (DMC) extension

This extension allows you to send messages and questions via Internet to your Dreambox.

If you send a message it appears as pop-up window on your TV for some seconds. If you want to ask the person in front of the TV something you can send him/her a question consisting of a text and possible answers. The TV user can reply by choosing one of your options.

Messages and questions can be sent via a web interface, called DreamboxMessageServer (DMS), which can be access here. If you want to setup your own DMS read this TODO.


svn co


Automatic installation

Manual installation

  • checkout
  • use an FTP client to create the directory /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/DMC/ on your Dreambox
  • copy the files
    into this directory
  • create the subdirectory Wrapper in the DMC directory and copy all files (except .svn) from Wrapper_ info the Wrapper directory on your Dreambox

Configure the plugin

  • restart your Dreambox
  • go into the extensions menu (menu->extensions) and select DMC
  • activate the plugin and set a password
  • press OK to save the settings

Send a message / question

  • go to and click on message or question, respectively
  • fill out the forms and press the send button
  • if you're going to send a question, your text has to be of the following form
    Blah blah blah, this is my first question?
    2nd line if needed
    - Yes, it is
    - No, it isn't
    - I'm not sure
    - I don't want to answer this question

Debug / Extend functionality

  • you can run locally
    which uses the configuration in Wrapper/; maybe you have to adopt it first





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